Cirque du Soleil: Zumanity
Zumanity Las Vegas Show
Zumanity Cirque Show
Zumanity Cirque Show Las Vegas
Zumanity New York New York Hotel
Zumanity Show
Zumanity Erotic Show
Zumanity Cirque Du Soleil
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Genre: Cirque du Soleil

Location: New York New York


There are a lot of great Cirque Du Soleil shows in Sin City currently running, but only Zumanity explores the “sensual side” of humanity. The most erotic among the fantastic lineup of Cirque in Las Vegas, this is a seriously sexy, artful, and elegantly adult Las Vegas show.

The flirtatious, erotic, and sensual cabaret-style production explores all facets of human sexuality through dance, musical performance, comedy, and aerial acrobatics. While the show explores adult subjects and features performers in various states of undress, it’s tastefully and beautifully done with the boundless creativity, artistic sophistication, and visual sumptuousness audiences have come to expect from Cirque du Soleil productions.

Incredibly sexy and fun in equal measure, Zumanity features a fabulous drag queen emcee taking the audience on a journey that features gorgeous female aquatic performers, sensual dance numbers, a romantic aerial ballet, a contortionist hanging from the ceiling on leather straps, and a comedic duo that turn sexual taboos on their heads with hilarious results. The show’s tone swings from flirtatious and subtly erotic to openly hedonistic, but the atmosphere always remains fun and playful.

Like all adult shows in Las Vegas, the sexy and artful spectacle is not for young kids. The show features topless female performers, costuming that makes some cast members look fully nude, and various adult themes, so the show is meant specifically to be enjoyed by audiences 18 and over… but adults who attend the show are in for an elegant night of adult-themed, Cirque du Soleil entertainment.

A thrilling mix of the sensual and the artful, Zumanity infuses an erotic jolt into the extremely successful Cirque in Las Vegas formula. Celebrating an open and liberating attitude towards the many facets of human sexuality, this is one steamy, smart, and wildly entertaining Las Vegas show.

R.U.N by Cirque Du Soleil