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AVAILABILITY 877-849-4868

Genre: Adult Revues

Location: V Theater in The Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood


You’ve heard of The Walking Dead, but you’ve never experienced the thrill of the burlesque dancing dead. Enter a fantastical nightclub for the undead in the steamy and unique Zombie Burlesque show at The V Theater in Planet Hollywood’s Miracle Mile Shops. An adult cabaret variety show, the genre mash up mixes swinging big band music, raucous comedy, and teasing burlesque numbers performed by the most attractive zombies you’ll ever encounter.

The one of a kind show takes place in “Club Z,” a swinging Atomic era Las Vegas nightclub for the undead. As an audience member of the show, you have the privilege of being one of the first living and breathing people to be allowed entry into this imaginative play place of The Living Dead… which means you’ll have to keep an eye out for entertainers trying to take a bite out of your flesh even as they bare theirs.

An ensemble of dancers, singers, and actors featuring former cast members of Vegas favorites like Peepshow and The Pussycat Dolls brings the show to life (or in this case, death). The cast takes the stage in full zombie makeup to perform comedic musical numbers, sing live songs, and seduce the audience with old school burlesque.

A smoking band backs up the cast as they play hits from the golden age of big band and monster movies. When the cast of gorgeous undead ladies performs I Eat Boys Like You For Breakfast, all of the men (and many of the women) in the audience will be powerless to fight off this particular zombie horde.

While the show is plenty sexy, it’s not just for adults and is appropriate for audiences 16 and up. An “only in Las Vegas” night of entertainment, the outrageously themed show mashes up spine-tingling horror with flirty burlesque that will appeal equally to zombie fans and audiences looking for a steamy night of adult entertainment.

Zombie Burlesque