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AVAILABILITY 877-849-4868

Genre: Adult Revues

Location: Bally's


The producers of the sexy and popular X Burlesque at The Flamingo have upped the ante with X Rocks at Bally’s, an intense, steamy, topless revue with an all hard rock soundtrack that goes to eleven. In fact, the dancers are so hot and so good that they were tapped to open for the legendary Metallica… and they killed it!

The show’s beautiful X Rocks Girls perform scorchingly sexy, high energy dance routines set to some of the biggest rock hits of all time. The beautiful cast members strip off their fantasy fulfilling costumes to the beat of songs from legendary acts from all eras, ranging from classic rockers from the 60’s all the way through the hottest current acts of today. Audiences will be blown away by the sexy moves of the cast, as The X Girls match the driving energy of the songs on the show’s hard rocking soundtrack.

Imaginative sets add to the fun for each dance number, which also features state of the art lighting, cutting edge sound design, and electrifying modern choreography. Local comic and master of ceremonies John Bizarre (whose screen credits include The Tonight Show and Conan) keeps things moving with his quick wit and laugh out loud standup routine… but he doesn’t linger onstage for too long, because the beautiful women are the main attraction.

USA Today praised the show, saying that “props and visuals add flare to a rock soundtrack. Top notch and the choreography is tight.” X Rocks is a sizzling, erotic, and energetic topless revue featuring some of the most beautiful showgirls in Las Vegas performing mind-meltingly sexy dance routines choreographed to match the hard-driving energy of some of the most electrifying songs in the history of rock music. A celebration of gorgeous women and rock n’ roll, this heart-pounding topless revue is what Las Vegas is all about.

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