X Burlesque University
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Genre: Adult Revues

Location: Flamingo


If you’ve ever wanted to learn the timelessly sexy art of burlesque, now’s your chance. X Burlesque University, or XBU, is a fun class where women of all shapes and sizes can learn to perform the sexy and seductive art form… taught by the equally talented and beautiful cast of dancers who perform in the steamy X Burlesque show onstage at The Flamingo every night.

You’ll do more than learn the sexy choreography that goes into a great burlesque show, you’ll also get a tutorial on how to properly apply Vegas showgirl makeup and false eye lashes so you can look your best as you perform your flirty moves. You’ll learn steamy choreography, flirtatious stripteases, how to sashay and work a feather boa like a true showgirl, and tips on the subtle art of seduction. By the end of the class, you’ll be able to pull off all your new moves with confidence, and you’ll be able to do it all while wearing high heels.

Since the class takes place on the same stage where the X Burlesque show is performed at night, you’ll get a true idea of what it’s like to tease, flirt and seduce onstage from the beautiful showgirls who star in the popular adult revue. The ridiculously talented and athletic dancers act as your burlesque professors, imparting their knowledge of the life of a modern showgirl so that you can walk away from the experience with a strut in your step.

If you enroll in X Burlesque University, you’ll take home complimentary showgirl lip stick and a set of eyelashes so you can achieve that pin-up look at home, a souvenir photo to commemorate your experience, and a diploma that shows you’ve completed your burlesque training and proves that  you’ve graduated to true bombshell diva status.

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