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Wreck Room exists because you just know that every once in awhile, a person living in the modern world needs to hear the sound of smashing bottles without recourse. Wreck Room provides the space to smash everything from bottles to television sets. It’s an unbelievable rush and certainly one that you want to achieve without consequences. It’s strangely satisfying and a truly excellent way to release a bit of pent up frustration. You may even be surprised at how angry you could possible be at a harmless ceramics but be warned, because once you hear them shatter to bits, it’s slightly addicting.

There are so many entertaining things to do in Las Vegas from shows to tours but nothing else is quite as ‘hands-on’ as this. Wreck Room contains a huge “arsenal” of weaponry for smashing like crowbars, baseball bats and more. You’ll get geared up with protective clothing as well as a face guard and gloves to keep the evidence of mayhem at bay. And just in case you want to be able to memorialize your rage fest, Wreck Room has security cameras so you can download the footage of you going cray-cray.

Best of all, you don’t have to clean up the mess you make. Wreck Room is like the best friend you always wanted that let’s you come over to their place, make a mess and then leave without having to wash any dishes.

It’s like the craziest amusement park in the world for grownups that have simply had too much of Babylon pressure like corporate America or bad Prius drivers. They’ve even got lockers and changing rooms in case you feel the need to count this as exercise and you get your sweat on. Plus they’ve got wifi, so you can update all your social media profiles with your wild antics in Vegas.

While this kind of activity could probably be seen as strange, it’s actually a great form of stress relief and probably one of the safest ways to express your aggression. It’s definitely cheaper than a facial and a massage. And really, who wants to lay on their backside with expensive mud on their face when you can grab a hammer and smash some stuff to pieces. Make sure to wear closed toed shoes though and you’re ready to roll. Or rock. Or rage.

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