Tournament of Kings
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Genre: Dinner Shows

Location: Excalibur


There’s nothing like the combination of great food and entertainment, and Tournament of Kings at Excalibur is one of the best Vegas dinner shows. The Medieval Dinner and Show is a fun and exciting blast from the past, featuring a feast fit for a king along with a pulse-pounding show filled with pageantry, stunts, special effects, and fantastically detailed period costumes. The best part of it all is that, in a town nicknamed Sin City and filled with gambling, topless revues, and strip clubs, The Tournament of Kings Las Vegas is one of the best family attractions in town, appropriate for the little ones and exciting enough for cynical teenagers and parents usually bored by their youngster’s animated talking bear movies.

Other Vegas dinner shows can’t compete with the opulence of this medieval epic. You take your seats in an arena-style theater, where you’re organized into “country” sections for which you’ll be cheering for the rest of the evening. Merlin, the wise and mischievous old wizard, and a court jester warm up the crowd as you enjoy the first course of your meal, which your server will describe as “Dragon’s Blood” but which tastes curiously like warm tomato soup.

Merlin then introduces King Arthur himself, who brings out the kings and knights that represent each country. If you and your section cheer the loudest for your knight, then you’re sure to witness a good show. A Round Table is lowered for Arthur and the rest of the kings and knights to feast around as you’re served a meal of a roasted Cornish hen, biscuits, and steamed vegetables, all of which you’ll eat with your hands, just like they did in Medieval times (they may have had swords, but knives and forks were a long way off at that time). After the joyous feast is completed, beautiful maidens perform a musical number, followed by the knights engaging in some friendly yet exciting jousting and gladiator-style competitions.

The merriment is interrupted when “The Fire Wizard” disrupts things in an attempt to win Arthur’s kingdom… and the kings work together with their knights to defeat his contemptible dark knight, who, like many a villain, doesn’t believe in the concept of “fair play.” Can the good knights help Arthur and Merlin save their kingdom? You’ll have to see this exciting Medieval Dinner Show to find out (even back in the Middle Ages, spoilers were a big no no).

The Tournament of Kings at Excalibur is one of the very best of the Vegas dinner shows, and it’s certainly the most epic and exciting. It’s also one of the best Las Vegas family attractions… not just because it’s appropriate for all ages, but because it’s entertaining for all ages as well. It doesn’t matter how old you are… who doesn’t want to see knights riding horses at each other at full speed while brandishing swords?

Tournament of Kings