Thomas John: Celebrity Psychic Medium
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Cross over to the other side and take an incredible journey to the world beyond with celebrity psychic medium Thomas John. Thomas John is one of America’s most popular psychic mediums who uses his uncanny talents of psychic reading to connect with spirits and communicate with them in astounding and inspiring ways. Now he is bringing his incredible live show to Las Vegas with THOMAS JOHN: CELEBRITY PSYCHIC MEDIUM.

As one of the nation’s most in-demand psychic mediums, Thomas John’s rise to fame began after various celebrities witnessed one of his amazing live shows. In his live show, Thomas reaches out to the world beyond and channels communications between audience members and connects with their family and friends who have crossed over. It’s a powerful and entertaining evening of healing, inspiration and life-changing revelations.

THOMAS JOHN: CELEBRITY PSYCHIC MEDIUM will amaze and exhilarate you as he accurately recounts intimate details from audience members’ lives which would be impossible to know. Audiences are thrilled every time Thomas makes contact with departed spirits and gives them a voice in the material world. In the amazing live show, he also answers questions about his unique abilities and recounts past predictions.

Experience the wonder and amazement of a live psychic connection with the other side in a unique performance filled with optimism and inspiration. THOMAS JOHN: CELEBRITY PSYCHIC MEDIUM, live from Cleopatra’s Barge inside Caesar’s Palace Las Vegas.

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