The Naked Magicians
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Everything, and we mean everything, is disappearing in this raucous, rowdy and R-rated comedy magic show that strips down to the bare essentials – The Naked Magicians.

This is the show that gives all new meaning to the famous magician’s phrase “now you see it, now you don’t.” The Naked Magicians features two fit and funny illusionists from Australia whose outrageous brand of magic leaves nothing to the imagination, and leaves audiences laughing out loud. You’ll witness amazing feats of illusions, sleight of hand and magical trickery, combined with the clever concealment of certain assets and all the humor and hilarity that goes with it. This is the magic show that proves once and for all: good magicians don’t need sleeves, and great magicians don’t need pants!

Before appearing in Las Vegas, The Naked Magicians were a worldwide comedy hit, touring 200+ cities and seen by over 50 million people on TV. America first took notice of the Naked Magicians with an unforgettable appearance on NBC’s America’s Got Talent. Now the Naked Magicians are live in Las Vegas and ready to show you they’ve got nothing up their sleeves, nothing down their pants and leave nothing to the imagination!




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