The Magic of Jen Kramer
The Magic Of Jen Kramer Las Vegas
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Genre: Magic Shows

Location: Westgate


Magician Jen Kramer is known for pulling off the impossible. Not only are her world-class magic skills incredibly daring but also her infectious charisma makes for a truly entertaining show. Although she’s not quite yet a household name, you may recognize her from her television appearances on “Masters of Illusion” from the CW Network or on “Penn & Teller: Fool Us.”

She’s quickly joining the ranks of magic’s royalty, having recently been honored as the “Female Magician of the Year” in 2016. She’s also been given the ubiquitous Merlin Award, no easy sleight-of-hand trick. As an alumnus of Yale, her formal background itself is beyond noteworthy. In fact, she completed her studies in Theater from there, graduating with honors.

Over the years, her feats of mentalism, blended with great comedic chops and dynamic engagement with the audience has landed her a headlining show in Las Vegas, the real entertainment capital of the world. Enjoy The Magic of Jen Kramer at the Westgate and be truly amazed.

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