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Genre: Attractions

Location: Binion's Gambling Hall


A haunting is happening at Downtown’s most historic hotel. You and your friends are invited to cross over to the other side, and experience the paranormal at Séance, the spooky new attraction at Binion’s Gambling Hall.

Séance is an interactive and immersive re-creation of an authentic 1930s séance – a ritualized attempt to contact the spirit world through a psychic medium. You and your friends will journey down to a hidden room inside Hotel Apache, a vintage Vegas hotel that is said to be haunted. Surrounded by historic antiques and artifacts, you’ll gather around the séance table prepare for a thrilling encounter with the supernatural. The spirits of the dearly departed gather as your questions are answered from the beyond. Brace yourself for chills, thrills and a few surprises in a thoroughly eerie experience straight from a 1930s era séance.

Mystical forces from the world beyond and the spirits of the afterlife are gathering at historic Downtown Vegas. Experience the power of the paranormal at Séance, in the Séance room at Binion’s Gambling Hall Las Vegas.

Xterious Escape