Redneck Comedy Magic Show
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Genre: Comedy Shows

Location: L.A. Live Comedy Club in the Stratosphere


There’s stage magic, there’s street magic and now – there’s dirt road magic.

With a deck of cards, a dip of chew, and a whole lot of trailer-trash attitude, magician and YouTube comedy star James Michael packed up his sleeveless shirts, jumped in his late-model pickup and kissed the trailer park goodbye. James found his way to Vegas and has put a hilarious redneck twist on the comedy magic show.

The James Michael Redneck Comedy Magic Show is an outrageous live comedy and magic experience that will leave you amazed, amused and hollering for more. James Michael’s raunchy brand of redneck humor will keep you laughing while his mystifying street-style magic trickery will leave you astounded. It’s a card-slinging, beer-swilling good time that’s completely different from any comedy or magic show in Las Vegas.

This is no ordinary magic show, nor is it a typical comedy act, the Redneck Comedy Magic Show
is in a class all its own. The tuxedos and tigers have been replaced by belt buckles and booze bottles in a one-of-a-kind show that combines street-style close up magic with irreverent redneck humor, outrageous behavior and trashy drunken fun. Crowd participation is a big part of the show as audience members join James onstage and become part of the rowdy and raucous excitement

So come ready to laugh at the irreverent new comedy and magic show that’s rated R for Redneck, which means rough language, rowdy humor, real magic and rip-roaring fun!

The Redneck Comedy Magic Show, featuring James Michael, formerly live from the trailer park – now live from the L.A. Comedy Club in Stratosphere Las Vegas.

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