Puddles Pity Party
Puddles Pity Party Las Vegas
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Genre: Comedy Shows

Location: Closed- Caesar's Palace


There are few things in the comedy world that are both astoundingly unique, brilliantly funny and strangely beautiful – one of these is Puddles The Clown and his all new musical comedy show, Puddles Pity Party. There is nothing quite like a 7-foot tall singing clown who croons away melancholy versions of popular songs with haunting beauty and heavenly emotion. It’s enough to make you weep with laughter.

Puddles the sad singing clown shot to fame with a legendary viral YouTube vid of him singing a tearful ballad version of the hit Lorde song “Royals.” The video eventually amassed over 26 million views, making Puddles a social media sensation and introducing the world to the giant sad clown with the voice of an angel.

Puddles has since exploded onto the comedy scene and toured the world, garnering rave reviews at major comedy festivals. Top actors have taken notice of Puddles as well. Neil Patrick Harris chose Puddles to perform Just for Laugh’s “Circus Awesomeus,” gala filmed for HBO Canada, and Jack Black selected Puddles for multiple performances at Festival Supreme.

Today, the sad but kindhearted clown continues to wander the world spreading joy with his wistful renditions of pop anthems and free hugs for all the party people. Audiences can’t help but love the giant sad singing clown that comforts the soul, and lets us know it’s okay to show our feelings. It’s a sad and beautiful world, and Puddles Pity Party is here to make it brighter for everyone.

Wallace at Westgate