Miss Behave Game Show
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Genre: Variety Shows

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Usually, when you go into a theater or a performance these days, the first thing you are asked to do is turn off your cell phone so there aren’t any unforeseen, rude interruptions. Well, not at the Miss Behave Game Show! Here you’ll find that unforeseen and potentially rude interruptions are the name of the game.

In fact, get your swipin’ finger trigger-ready so you can dial right into the action. You might even be rewarded handsomely in this wild, new experimental adult game show that’s come to Vegas after a successful international run.

Miss Behave, who hailed from the New York production of “Absinthe,” sure knows what it takes to deliver top-notch Vegas entertainment:

  • She dazzles.
  • She encourages audience participation.
  • She’s got prizes.

Maybe you’ll win something, maybe you won’t. But that’s not quite the point. What you are guaranteed is a rip-roaring good time. Really.

Still not sure what to expect? Well that’s part of the mystique of this wildly unpredictable interactive show. With games that are a bit naughty to mention, it’s laugh-out-loud fun that you might not of expected. Who knew that a game show could be this hilarious?

And did we mention the rules? Well, there aren’t any.

It’s a real adventure at Miss Behave Game Show because all bets are off. You never quite know who is in the audience either. The result is that you never really know how the game will be played. But rest assured that Miss Behave will be your tour guide on this journey where players will find their lives changed with each round. And if you’re more comfortable just watching from the sidelines, then don’t worry, you’re sure to have a raucous time seeing how it all plays out.

Miss Behave and her radiant sidekick Tiffany deliver the goods. With strong performances and an original, playful, naughty vibe it’s no wonder that this show has played to sell-out crowds from Europe to Australia.

Just to be clear, while this is all fun & games, it’s definitely not a show for kids! This is an adult game show but with just the right amount of good-natured humor to make it more than a little charming.

And it’s guaranteed to be unlike any game show you’ve ever seen.

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