Cirque du Soleil: Michael Jackson ONE
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Michael Jackson was one of the most beloved, successful, talented, forward-thinking, genre-busting, and inventive artists in the history of music, a fact that the creative magicians of Cirque du Soleil knew when they took on the daunting task of creating a show built around The King of Pop’s music. With the dazzling, high tech, and visually spectacular Michael Jackson One at Mandalay Bay, Cirque’s creative team have outdone themselves and created a show that truly lives up to the musical icon’s towering legacy.

Jackson crossed genres and cultural barriers over the course of his record-shattering and groundbreaking 45-year career. A natural singer, dancer, and performer, Jackson enjoyed the kind of success few artists dare to dream of before his tenth birthday as the youngest and most charismatic member of the Jackson 5. Jackson eventually went solo and achieved even greater fame, winning armloads of Grammys, turning the music video into an art while launching MTV into the cultural stratosphere, and selling over 100 million records (including Thriller, the best-selling album of all time). Jackson became one of the most iconic musical superstars in any genre, reaching a rarified level of global fame and artistic achievement comparable only to The Beatles and Elvis. The media dubbed Jackson The King of Pop, and nobody dared challenge his right to the crown.

Paying homage to such a universally beloved and once in a generation talent may have been an intimidating task, but the wizards at Cirque du Soleil proved to be up to the challenge when they put together the triumphant One. Audiences are immersed in the music and imagination of Jackson as they follow four misfit heroes who each represent a different aspect of Michael Jackson’s personality (agility, courage, playfulness, and love) by the end of their musical adventure.

During the 22 astonishingly imaginative production numbers built around some of Jackson’s biggest hits, our heroes are joined by dozens of dancers and acrobats dressed in costumes that echo some of Jackson’s most iconic and memorable outfits. Many of the dazzling routines are inspired by the imagery from Jackson’s imaginative music videos, while others were inspired by the lyrics and themes from his most personal songs. The epic numbers are powered by Jackson 5 classics like I’ll Be There and Never Can Say Goodbye as well as solo Jackson smashes like Bad, Smooth Criminal, Beat It, The Way You Make Me Feel, Thriller, Earth Song, Billie Jean, Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’, Human Nature, and Man in the Mirror. Jackson was one of the best dancers of all time (he moved so well and naturally that screen and stage legend Fred Astaire described him as the greatest dancer of the century), and One’s world-class choreography lives up to his legacy. The astonishing dance numbers, inspired by the legendary dance moves created and perfected by Jackson, would make The King of Pop proud.

Michael Jackson stayed on the cutting edge of technology and culture, and in that spirit, the technical aspects of the show are advanced and forward thinking. The high tech and custom-built stage, massive high-definition video screen, and brilliant special effects (including a stunning Michael Jackson hologram and a pair of shoes that perform a moonwalk on their own) work together to create the kind of magic the real Jackson brought to each and every performance. The theater’s audio specs are equally impressive, with speakers built into the seats that make the timeless music come to three-dimensional life.

In Michael Jackson ONE at Mandalay Bay, the artists at Cirque du Soleil miraculously keep The King of Pop’s spirit and legacy alive in a thrilling and immersive theatrical experience.

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