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Genre: Tours

Location: Maverick Helicopter Terminal


The most spectacular sights and breathtaking thrills aren’t on the Strip or even in Las Vegas, they’re beyond the bustle of the city, from the ultimate vantage point – riding in a helicopter or airplane. Maverick Helicopter Tours lets you experience the beautiful scenery of the American Southwest aboard a private helicopter or airplane.

These exclusive aviation tours take you for the ultimate view of iconic landmarks like Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and the wonder of the natural world – The Grand Canyon. While soaring the Southwest, stop for an exciting excursion into the Grand Canyon or explore the Hualapai Indian Reservation.

Founded in 1995, Maverick Helicopter Tours leads the industry in aviation-based tourism with a stellar safety record, expert team of over 400, and a mission to give everyone who flies a truly soaring experience. Spectacular sights and amazing adventures await you in the sky, so come aboard and leave the city behind.

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