Little Miss Nasty
Little Miss Nasty Las Vegas
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AVAILABILITY 877-849-4868

Genre: Adult Revues

Location: 172 in the Rio Hotel & Casino


They’ve got the looks that kill, the moves that thrill, and are fueled by the pulse-pounding power of pure Rock & Roll! Brace yourself for the wildest burlesque ride in Las Vegas, the volcanic vixens of Little Miss Nasty are taking the world by storm. Little Miss Nasty is a naughty new burlesque review featuring the hottest ladies fused with the hardest rock anthems in a spectacular of Sex, Dance and Rock & Roll!

Little Miss Nasty is Rock & Roll Burlesque for the 20th Century, channeling the wild, hard-partying, glam-rock atmosphere of L.A.’s Sunset Strip and featuring a tempting troupe of seductive dancers that could have been plucked straight from a rock video. Supporting the fearsome femme fatales of Little Miss Nasty is a hard-charging rock and heavy metal soundtrack featuring legendary rock anthems and epic smash hits.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal calls Little Miss Nasty the “Surprise Show of The Year!”, but don’t let the name or the crazy party atmosphere confuse you, Little Miss Nasty is the art of burlesque taken to the limit – a highly choreographed, charged up journey through sex, dance and rock and roll, complete with beautiful, scantily clad women. Though sexy is the name of the game, Little Miss Nasty is not a topless review.

Experience the force of nature that’s become America’s #1 Rock & Roll burlesque show. Little Miss Nasty at the Rio Hotel & Casino.

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