Jim Belushi & The Board of Comedy
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Genre: Comedy Shows

Location: Laugh Factory at the Tropicana Hotel & Casino


Jim Belushi & The Board of Comedy, are making a name for themselves offering a hilarious night of live sketch comedy at The Laugh Factory in Las Vegas. Located inside the Tropicana Hotel and Casino, The Laugh Factory is home to the best in comedy so you know you’re in for a good time with this rag tag gang of rascals.

Known for his everyman style of comedy, Jim Belushi hails from such legendary comedy spots of “Saturday Night Live” and “Second City,” the famous improv group in Chicago. You probably have seen his hit show on ABC “According to Jim,” that went on to syndicated success, garnering him legions of fans. His beloved family man character has wide appeal as he usually riffs about the stuff that everyone can relate it.

Jim Belushi & The Board of Comedy features lots of his buddies and sketch comedy vets who know how to set up great jokes and knock the punch line out of the park. Fans of “Whose Line Is It Anyways?” will appreciate the fast pace of the shows and how each night is totally unique. It’s heavily dependent on audience participation so you’ll be asked to shout out ideas and prompts that make for spontaneous experiences of original comedy.

Belushi is truly gifted with his hosting, not to mention his insanely cool skills on the harmonica as a rhythm and blues guy. The show sort of feels like you’ve been invited over to his living room for a night of win-lose-or-draw, or some other extreme level of charades. It’s totally personable, original and fun. Everyone in the audience is laughing non-stop while the ‘Board of Comedy’ relentlessly creates mayhem.

There are lots of options for comedy in Vegas but if you’re looking for a feel-good time with one of the most familiar comics in the business, then let Jim Belushi & The Board of Comedy deliver the goods for an above-the-belt laugh fest.

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