Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

What forms of payment are accepted at Tix4Tonight?

Tix4Tonight accepts credit cards with valid photo ID as well as cash.

What shows does Tix4Tonight booths sell?

Tix4Tonight offers over 100 Shows, Attractions, and Tours as well as the popular Vegas Dining Card every day at our booths. Availability varies daily and while every show is not offered every day, we have received tickets for every show on the Las Vegas Strip at one point or another.

What kinds of seats will I get if I buy discount tickets?

Seating is different for every show. Some shows are general admission (first come, first serve at the showroom by an usher) while other shows assign seats at their box office upon redemption of our vouchers. There are often different seating sections available for shows.

Can I order show tickets by phone or online?

You can find out which shows are currently available and book your tickets over the phone by calling 877-849-4868. However, in order to offer such great deals on show tickets, we are unable to sell tickets through our website at this time. Check out our Today at our Booths page for a full list of discount Vegas shows available that day, or come into one of our convenient locations on The Strip or in Downtown to check on availability and to purchase tickets in person.

Can I buy show tickets in advance?

While the premise of Tix4Tonight is to sell same day tickets at half-price, there are a few exceptions to that rule. Several shows may allow us to sell their tickets one to seven days in advance.

How do I find out about accessibility for audience members with disabilities?

Customers requesting accessible seating should do so at the time of purchase from Tix4Tonight. A Tix4Tonight representative will contact the box office to provide you with the necessary information for special seating requests.

Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions