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Location: Various Locations


Crawl Vegas is just what the name implies…. a bar crawl through Las Vegas! Leave the party planning to the experts and just hop on board, ready for a good time. During the party crawl, which lasts about 4-5 hours, you’ll have the opportunity to hit up some of the hottest clubs in Vegas.

The evening begins at a pre-designated lounge or bar where you’ll meet up with one of Crawl Vegas’ expert tour guides. Not only do they know a ton about Vegas with all the insider tips, but also they love to make sure their guests have a great time.

Get the VIP treatment by avoiding the long entrance lines because when you party with Crawl Vegas, you go straight into the club. No haggling with the bouncer or spending half the night waiting outside. Plus all your cover charges are taken care of so you can save your money. On top of it, selected locations offer drink specials to take advantage of. But don’t worry if your on a tight budge, the complimentary drinks back on the bus are all included in the tour package.

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