Cherry Boom Boom
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Genre: Adult Revues

Location: OYO Hotel and Casino Las Vegas


A bodacious bomb of badass babes is blowing up Sin City and the shockwaves are being felt around the world. Cherry Boom Boom is the explosive rock and roll dance review that’s sweeter than cherry pie and hotter than a blowtorch.

In a city full of sexy shows, this is the cherry on top, an all-new spectacular of sizzling dance, sultry ladies and supercharged rock hits. From Morphine to Zeppelin, Cherry Boom Boom has the pulse-pounding soundtrack to match the mind-blowing moves of the world-class dancers.

Cherry Boom Boom is a sensual spectacle of electrifying dance erotica. This smash-hit import straight from LA is a hard-rocking twist on the art of burlesque that immerses you in the heat of the show, with dancers all around you – on the stage, out in the audience and swinging above.

So light the fuse on a powder keg of high-powered dance dynamite, and have a slice of Cherry Boom Boom, live from OYO Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

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