Blackout: Dining in the Dark
Blackout Dining in the Dark
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Genre: Attractions

Location: 3871 S. Valley View Blvd. #8 (near the Rio)


Tickets No longer available.

Blackout: Dining in the Dark is the newest must-try experience in Vegas. While there are many types of cuisines available in Sin City, we can safely say that none of them offer the kind of eating experience that Blackout: Dining in the Dark creates. Trust us when we say that.

First, imagine not being able to see your food. Then, imagine not being able to see anything at all. It’s a daring and rewarding concept restaurant that focuses on being completely immersed in the sensory experience of tasting each delectable bite, by eating in a totally darkened room.

The entire experience is built upon the sensation of mystery, making eating a newfound thrill. Using a prix fixe menu, each of the courses are a culinary adventure in tasting. Since you can’t see the plate in front of you, or the decoration of the restaurant, you are literally so focused on the flavors in your mouth that it’s meant to provoke a rediscovery of the sensation of taste.

By a trained wait staff, you’ll be guided into dining room of complete darkness. Over time, you will find yourself relaxed by the lack of visual stimulation and can then begin to enjoy the meal as it’s brought to you to relish in.

It’s a unique experience, that’s for sure. The menu is carefully designed to entice your senses and awaken your palette. The food is absolutely delicious making it the star of the show. It’s touted as an “exclusive cuisine” for a totally one-of-a-kind experience. Intended to lure you towards the sensuality of food, each morsel has been carefully labored over to give you the most incredible eating experience ever.

Blackout: Dining in the Dark wants you to explore the incredibly different experience of eating in the dark. Without the lights on, everything seems to change a bit. Without sight, the remaining senses become heightened. What you can feel and hear is all of sudden, that much more impactful. Talking over dinner becomes curiously different as well. You’ll be that much more aware of the aromatic smell of the delicious food, imparting another layer of the meal to enjoy. Great for couples or even a big crowd, eating in the dark is strangely stimulating and definitely rewarding.

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