Axehole Vegas – Downtown Fremont
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It’s like darts, but a thousand times cooler. Axe-throwing is a completely unique, adrenaline-fueled experience that hits the thrill seeker’s bull’s-eye like nothing else. Choose your weapon and prepare to put some serious hurt on a helpless wooden target at Axehole Las Vegas, indoor axe-throwing range on Fremont Street, Downtown Las Vegas.

Never thrown an axe before? No problem! It’s easy to learn, completely safe and incredibly fun. Our skilled weapon-throwing experts will teach you and your group everything you need to throw safely and accurately. Once you get the hang of it, your inner Viking will emerge and no target will be safe. The Ultimate Experience let’s you throw everything Axehole has in its formidable weapon arsenal including axes, double-axes, shovels, spears, metal playing cards, ninja stars and more!

Axe throwing is an exciting, interactive and unique experience for any occasion. It’s perfect for date nights, family fun, or groups or friends looking to cut loose and have a great time. Axehole hosts special events including birthdays, corporate parties, teambuilding events, bachelor/bachelorette parties, Christmas parties and more. All group events are managed by coaches who will teach your group how to safely throw.

Seize your destiny, arm yourself, and become a weapon-throwing warrior, at Axehole Las Vegas. Located on Fremont Street. Ages 7 and up welcome.




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