Alain Nu – The Man Who Knows
Alain Nu The Man Who Knows Las Vegas
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Genre: Hypnosis Shows

Location: OYO Hotel & Casino


Witness the infinite power of the human mind when you experience the incredible mental powers of the mentalist called “The Man Who Knows”. OYO Casino & Hotel presents renowned mentalist and psychic performer Alain Nu. Prepare to be astounded by amazing demonstrations of psychic power including mind-reading, ESP, hypnosis, illusion and all manner of supernatural mental phenomena.

For three decades Alain Nu has entertained audiences around the world with his incredible psychic abilities and uncanny mental powers. In his reality-bending one-man show, Alain taps into the infinite power of the human mind, unlocking mysterious powers that defy explanation. Whether it’s reading an audience member’s mind, foretelling the future, or connecting with the spirit world, seemingly impossible mental feats seem effortless to Alain Nu, the Man Who Knows.

Dare to glimpse the incredible power of the human mind with “The Man Who Knows”, mentalist Alain Nu, live at the OYO Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas.

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