Absinthe Las Vegas
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Genre: Production Shows

Location: Spiegeltent at Caesars Palace


There are good shows. There are great shows. And there are shows you just can’t miss. Absinthe is one of those shows.

Absinthe is a cabaret extravaganza that’s adored by audiences and critics alike.
In fact, The Las Vegas Weekly said it’s the “The #1 Greatest Show in Las Vegas History.”

Taking inspiration from the decadently devious absinthe-serving cabarets of the 1800’s, Absinthe Las Vegas is a wickedly wondrous “acro-cabaret variety show” that adults delight reveling in. Simply put, it’s naughty fun.

When you dare to enter the fabulously risqué world of Absinthe, strap in for a rip-roaring, sexy good time. Watch a wickedly talented roster of artists preform death-defying stunts so close to your seat, you can see the sweat dripping from their boobs. Or brow. Whichever you’re looking at.

Absinthe is everything you want a show in Vegas to be: a wild brew that seduces all the senses. It’s amazing entertainment combined with a titillating dose of burlesque and some raunchy vaudevillian humor, blended together in a cabaret called “Spiegelworld’s.”

Be thrilled by this old-world European style carnival in a gorgeous velvet circus tent on the Roman Plaza that’s located in Caesar’s Palace. This means that there’s no bad seat in the house. Just get on inside and let your inhibitions dissolve like an ice cube in a hot drink.

The mixture of sensual burlesque, breath taking acrobatics and gut-busting comedy has found the perfect home on The Strip. Like the exotic green beverage the ‘adult’s only’ spectacle is named after… Absinthe is a surreal trip unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Don’t miss it.

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