Zen Magic

Zen Magic features the first ladies of illusion, Ali and Yuki, as they perform stunning magic tricks in a story featuring an epic battle between good and evil.

Closed Show - Zen Magic

Zen Magic

This show has closed.

Japan’s “first ladies of illusion” star in Zen Magic, a mysterious mix of illusions, acrobatics and martial arts that adds up to one of the most stunning shows playing on The Strip.

The show stars Ali and Yuki, who amazed Japanese audiences for years before they came to Las Vegas in a show so impressive its earned them multiple spots performing at the legendary Magic Castle in Hollywood.

Ali and Yuki are multi-talented performers who wow audiences with their eclectic mix of stunning illusions, graceful dance numbers, feats of stunning aerial acrobatics and martial arts skills. The first ladies of illusion are joined onstage by a group of dancers, gymnasts and aerialists to round out the packed show.

The spectacular show even features a loose narrative, as the evil Tengu makes several appearances throughout the show and must be defeated by love and courage. Tengu’s weakness is the sound of bells, and you will have the opportunity to purchase a bell of your own before the show so you can Ali and Yuki drive the villain away.

The show ends with a classic confrontation between good and evil, as Ali and Yuki battle Tengu in an epic sword-fight, then ask the audience to help them defeat him with their bells… and perform a culminating illusion designed to stop the menace forever.

An eclectic mix of magic inspired by Japanese culture, acrobatics, dance and martial arts that is mysterious fun for the whole family in which Ali and Yuki prove that they truly are the “first ladies of illusion.”

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