V The Ultimate Variety Show

V The Ultimate Variety Show puts a modern Las Vegas spin on old school entertainment.

V – The Ultimate Variety Show
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V – The Ultimate Variety Show

V- The Ultimate Variety Show is a modern spin on a classic form of entertainment that’s as old as showbiz itself. There’s a reason that the show, which plays twice daily at The V Theater in the Miracle Mile at Planet Hollywood, has the boast “The Ultimate Variety Show” right in the title. It takes every conceivable style of Sin City entertainment you could imagine or hope for, then rolls it all into one tightly packed 75 minutes of entertainment.

V- The Ultimate Variety Show is an eclectic mix of magicians, aerialists, gymnasts, stunt performers, comedians, musicians and even jugglers who perform their world-class talents in a high-energy and fast-paced show that celebrates unique specialty acts from all over the world. Every performance of V- The Ultimate Variety Show is unique, with rotating cast members added all the time that bring fresh sets of skills, so you’ll never see the same show twice… no matter how many times you come back.

If you’re visiting Vegas and can’t decide which show to see, V- The Ultimate Variety Show is the perfect option… because it contains a little bit of everything that you’d hope to see from the dozens of other entertainment options playing around town. And each act is just a few minutes long, which will keep the attention of even the youngest (and most impatient) crowd members in the audience of this fun show that’s appropriate for all ages.

Variety shows are one of the oldest forms of showbiz razzle dazzle, but V- The Ultimate Variety Show kicks it up a notch to compete in a town filled with countless killer entertainment options. The producers of V- The Ultimate Variety Show knew that Vegas already had a countless list of great entertainment options to compete with, so they packed their “ultimate variety show” with a crowd-pleasing combination of magic, comedy, special effects and even a few death defying stunts. With all that packed into one 75 minute program, the show offers something for absolutely everyone, which makes it one of the best entertainment values in Sin City. Variety is the spice of life… and with its excess of variety, V- The Ultimate Variety Show lives up to the boast in its title.