Tribute Royalty

Tribute Royalty imagines a fantasy concert where some of the most legendary acts from music history together come together on one stage in The V Theater at Planet Hollywood.

Closed Show - Tribute Royalty

Tribute Royalty

This show has closed.

Pay your respects to some of the most beloved and iconic Kings and Queens of music in the amazing Tribute Royalty Show playing in The V Theater at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, an electrifying night of entertainment that imagines an impossible fantasy concert where some of the greatest stars of all time take the stage in one unforgettable performance.

Some of the most talented impersonators working in the business take the stage during the show, recreating the look, sound, moves, and essence of a collection of the most legendary acts in the history of music, all in one epic concert. Legends from all eras of popular music are given the royal treatment in this show that has a little something for everyone.

Lady Gaga fanatics will go positively gaga over the current pop superstar’s impersonator, who recreates the experience of attending one of her always sold out concerts for a fraction of the price. Fans will dance and sing along to a fast paced set list of her megahits as she’s supported by an incredible group of backup dancers and state of the art special effects inspired by the real artist’s tours.

If you don’t consider yourself to be part of Lady Gaga’s legions of fanatics who call themselves “monsters,” there’s still plenty of show for you. While Gaga may be the current Queen of Pop, the late Michael Jackson will always and forever be the King of Pop. The talented impersonator who takes the stage as M.J. does the King proud by performing his biggest hits and recreating his completely iconic dance moves so accurately you’ll swear he’s come back to light the stage on fire.

Michael Jackson may have been the King of Pop, but Elvis Presley was the original, and one and only, King of Rock n’ Roll. Elvis left the building a long time ago, but his legacy remains powerful and his impact is still being felt. This is especially true in Las Vegas, where he spent some of his last years as a performer onstage during a legendary multi-year residency. You can’t see the real Elvis onstage anymore, but you can experience the next best thing with an impersonator who brings his essence back to life in the V Theater’s packed to the gills tribute show. The stunningly accurate tribute artist covers every era of The King’s long and storied career, performing his most beloved songs, sporting his most iconic costumes, and somehow projecting the charisma that captured the imaginations of the world for so many years.

With a cast of extremely talented backup dancers and performers, cutting edge light and sound technology, and eye popping special effects, the show feels like a totally authentic concert headlined by some of the biggest acts in musical history. Pop and Rock royalty are honored and given their proper respect in this electrifying, toe-tapping, and moving tribute show playing at Planet Hollywood’s V Theater.

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