Treasures Steakhouse

Treasures Steakhouse is a truly intimate and sexy, could only-happen-in Las Vegas dining experience.



25% Off Entire Check (Twin Lobster NOT included)

Treasures Steakhouse is part of the massive Treasures Gentlemen’s club, and it’s a totally unique experience. Opening a gourmet steakhouse inside a gentlemen’s club doesn’t sound like it would work, but the place serves amazing steaks in a classy setting that’s only steps away from the sexy main club.

The intimate space features rich maroon reds and browns, a gorgeous chandelier and plush, cushioned seating. And unlike any other steakhouse in Vegas, you can have the entertainers sit down for a delicious meal with you when you visit. The intimate, romantic and classy decor creates the opposite vibe of what many people may expect when they first imagine what a steakhouse in a gentlemen’s club will be like.

Many gentlemen’s clubs serve food, but few are known for their culinary taste. Treasures is an exception to the rule, as their buffet (located in a separate section of the club) was voted the best Strip Club buffet in town by Las Vegas Life magazine… and the steakhouse is even more impressive.

The restaurant offers a great selection of premium steaks and seafood. Their 24 oz. bone-in rib eye and 28 oz. porterhouse can go to toe with offerings from any other steakhouse in town, while their pork chops, veal and salmon filet are gourmet restaurant worthy as well.

Their wine selection is impressive as well, so order a bottle as you enjoy your meal while spending time with one of the club’s dancers in one of the most unique experiences you can have in Las Vegas.

What other steakhouse allows you to dine with a beautiful exotic dancer while enjoying a delicious premium steak in an intimate and classy setting? This is an only-in Vegas dining experience that has to be seen to be believed.

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