Tommy Lama Las Vegas

In hisTommy Lama Las Vegas show at The Stratosphere, comic genius Tommy Savitt plays to the outrageousness of guru-culture.

Closed Show - Tommy Lama Las Vegas

Tommy Lama Las Vegas

This show has closed.

Are you happy with your life? Are you satisfied in your relationships? Have you found your true inner self? Master Healer Tommy Lama has discovered the path to lifelong inner peace and spiritual transcendence. Or at least he thinks he has… and that’s why the Tommy Lama Las Vegas show has audiences laughing until they see the light.

Life coach, unlicensed therapist and spiritual guru Tommy Lama will teach you the secrets of demotivation and unsuccess. This world-renowned teacher mind and body disharmony of is a beacon on inspiration for a new age. Author of a best-selling self-help guide that has sold more than 2 copies in 40 countries worldwide, Tommy Lama’s spiritual journey began in Brooklyn and didn’t get much farther than that. Now he’s bringing his celebrated zero-step, no-point program of spiritual enlightenment to Las Vegas.

A session with the illustrious Lama will change your life forever. Hate your job? He can show you how to get fired. Can’t find love? He can suggest some street corners to try. Struggling with money? His seminar is hands-down the cheapest around. If you are happy, healthy and successful, attending just one of his life-altering seminars can change all that.

No other new age guru has quite the qualifications of Tommy Lama. Though he doesn’t know what a chakra is, he can tell you where to find Nirvana on the iTunes store. He may not have a license to practice therapy, but a New York municipal court recently reinstated his driver’s license. His teachings are basically terrible but they are hilarious.

Seek and receive him, commune with the Tommy Lama, and let his teachings illuminate your life. The Lama delivers his demotivational sessions and self-help seminars nightly at the LA Comedy Club inside The Stratosphere.

Disclaimer: Tommy Lama’s self help program has in fact not helped anyone, and is very likely complete BS. Take his ‘advice’ at your own risk. Namaste.