The King Starring Trent Carlini

The King Starring Trent Carlini brings the winner of ABC's hit reality competition "The Next Best Thing: Who Is the Greatest Celebrity Impersonator?" to Vegas in a critically acclaimed tribute to Elvis.

The King Starring Trent Carlini

The King Starring Trent Carlini

The King Starring Trent Carlini at Hooters Casino Hotel is one of the best Elvis tribute acts in Las Vegas, a town overflowing with impersonators of the iconic rock legend.

Because of his long and successful Las Vegas residency that ran from the late 60’s to the early 70’s (and not to mention the fact that Viva Las Vegas is one of the King of Rock n’ Roll’s signature hits), Elvis will always be closely associated with Sin City… and that means there are so many tribute acts devoted to the legendary performer that you can’t throw a wig on The Strip without hitting an Elvis impersonator. Despite the competition, Trent Carlini stands above the crowd as one of the absolute best Elvis tribute artists in the world, a claim backed up by the fact that he was the winner of ABC’s hit reality competition The Next Best Thing: Who Is the Greatest Celebrity Impersonator?

Carlini’s amazing physical and vocal resemblance to The King will astound you, but those similarities just scratch at the surface of what makes his act so special. Carlini’s show at Hooters takes audiences through the distinct periods of Presley’s career, with different elaborate costumes for each era.

Carlini starts the concert wearing black clothes and a gold jacket, and he launches into 50’s era hits like Blue Suede Shoes, Teddy Bear, and The Wonder of You. After a costume change into a suit with a red silk shirt, Carlini croons ballads like Return to Sender, and It’s Now Or Never. In the third segment, Carlini emerges wearing an all leather outfit and performs electrifying versions of Heartbreak Hotel, Hound Dog, All Shook Up and Are You Lonesome Tonight? In the final segment, Carlini celebrates the King’s Vegas era by sporting a tight white jumpsuit and performing 70’s era hits like Suspicious Minds.

If Carlini just had the voice, look and costumes down, that would make for a good Elvis impersonator show. But what makes Carlini’s Hooters residency great is that he captures the spirit, magnetism and energy of The King so fully in each performance, kissing the hands of thrilled female fans and wrapping them in his sweat-drenched scarves like a true superstar. After more than 30 years of passionately performing the music of Elvis, Carlini has truly earned his reputation as one of the greatest Elvis impersonators in the world.

Carlini is as hard working and passionate a performer as the real Elvis was, sticking around after each show to greet and take photos with fans in the casino outside the theater. The real Elvis may have left the building for good long ago, but The King Starring Trent Carlini gets so close to the real thing that you’ll believe the legendary star is still alive and well onstage… at least for the length of the show.

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