The Amazing Johnathan

In a puff of smoke, The Amazing Johnathan Show at Bally's is a darkly funny and unpredictable cure for the common magic show.

Closed Show - The Amazing Johnathan

The Amazing Johnathan

Comic magician The Amazing Johnathan honed his stage skills on the streets of San Francisco, and he’s always a step ahead of even the most cutting edge illusionists. He has a twisted sense of humor and a penchant for making fun of the same old magic tricks you see everywhere else. The magician, who sometimes goes by the nickname AJ, was nominated “Best Local Villain” for two years in a row by the Las Vegas Weekly’s Reader’s Choice awards.

AJ has also been a prime contender in many “Best of Las Vegas” awards, and won “Best Comedian of the Year” from the Las Vegas Review Journal. He’s also performed for leaders and luminaries from all over the world, including President Ronald Reagan.

AJ is definitely edgy and many of his magic tricks look painful. One illusion involves stabbing an assistant in the head with a pair of scissors, while another involves The Amazing One crushing a pigeon in his bare hands. While no assistants or birds were actually hurt during the show, seeing something like this may be a bit disturbing for the kids. For example, one of his tricks involves Johnathan snorting up a giant jar of what looks to be an illicit drug… so this might not be the magic show for the whole family.

You’ll never know exactly what AJ has up his sleeves from show to show. He often improvises and shakes things up, poking fun at standard illusions and mocking magicians who rely too heavily on the tried and true.

He might mock you a bit as well, as AJ is famous for his crowd-work. It’s all in good fun, but if you’re a lucky audience member who gets to participate in a show, you’ll probably have to take a little ribbing.

The cutting edge Madman of Comedy and Magic showcases his acerbic and unpredictable skills onstage at Bally’s Las Vegas five nights a week.

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