The 80s Show

The 80s Show is a time machine to another era that tells the tale of a life changing night for five friends through the decade’s most iconic hits.

Closed Show - The 80’s Show

The 80’s Show

This show has closed.

People who were teenagers in the era of big hair, Rubix Cubes, John Hughes movies, and the two Coreys will feel like they’ve been sent in a time machine back to high school when they see The 80’s Show.

A completely original and interactive jukebox musical with a plot that recalls the work of John Hughes, the Bard of Reagan-era teen angst, the toe tapping show tells the story of how the lives of five high school friends are changed over the course of one fateful night in the mid-80’s. With characters inspired by Hughes classics like The Breakfast Club,Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and Pretty in Pink, there’s a cast member for everyone in the audience to relate to in this fun and appealing tale filled with comedy, heartbreak, romance, period specific teen angst, and some of the decade’s most memorable music.

The show is filled from top to bottom with classic 80’s tunes that range from classics created by musical legends to kitschy novelty hits from one hit wonders. Rock, hair metal, new wave, and irresistibly danceable pop are all represented in this loving homage to an entire decade. The talented cast performs the tunes in show-stopping musical numbers, but you’re invited to participate as well. The V Theater features a video wall in the back that displays lyrics to some of the biggest hits of the era, and the audience is strongly encouraged to sing along to some of their favorite tunes and dig through bags filled with period-specific props that bring the decade to life even more vividly.

If you came of age in the 1980’s or are just a fan of the decade’s distinct pop culture, then you won’t want to miss out on The 80’s Show, which celebrates everything that’s great, kitschy, earnest, romantic, dated, timeless, and downright unforgettable about the era.

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