Tenors of Rock

The Tenors of Rock are electrifying audiences and bringing vocal mastery to their electrifying show.

Tenors of Rock
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Tenors of Rock

The original Three Tenors were incredible but they can move over. Their heirs apparent, called Il Volo,  are undeniably great but they too can move over too. The fab five truly talented Brits who exploded on the UK version of X Factor are the Tenors of Rock are here. These guys have taken the grandeur of those classical stadium stars and added something audiences crave: R-O-C-K.

It’s not just your grandparents rock, no way. We’re talking Aerosmith. We’re talking Bon Jovi. We’re talking some amazing new arrangements of the real rock anthems that audiences can’t get enough of and they’re here, in the main showroom at Harrah’s.

So what do you get when you combine five fantastic tenors with powerful new arrangements of some of the best music of today? You get the Tenors of Rock. Don’t miss them.