Stripped The Play

Stripped The Play in The Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood is more than just a show where men take off their clothes, it also tells an engaging story with compelling characters.

Stripped The Play

Stripped The Play

Most adult revues are content to titillate audiences with a series of disconnected set pieces featuring scantily clad performers, but Stripped: The Play at The Saxe Theater in The Miracle Mile Shops mixes in some heart and brains with the sex appeal. This stemy adult revue is a little different, as it tells a compelling, heartfelt, romantic, and engaging story inspired by real life events without sacrificing any of the flirty sex appeal that makes other shows in the genre such hot tickets.

Women will flip out for the Las Vegas version of Stripped: The Play, which has already proven to be a critically acclaimed smash hit during its off-Broadway run in New York City. Inspired by real life events, the show tells the story of Steve Savage, a former NYPD cop who quits his beat on the mean streets of New York to become the number one attraction at an all-male strip club. The story takes place during Savage’s final night as a male stripper after he decides to get out of the game and settle down to a more quiet life with his beautiful fiancée, while the owner and dancers at the club scheme to keep him from quitting a lifestyle that makes maintaining a normal relationship difficult.

The story is completely engaging and entertaining, with a behind the scenes look at the characters who inhabit the world of male strippers. Women will love the compelling storyline and fascinating characters, but they won’t mind the fact that the hunky cast takes it off during the many strip numbers as well.

Stripped: The Play manages to strike the perfect balance between telling a compelling story featuring captivating characters with a steamy male revue that drives the ladies crazy. No wonder it’s proven to be a smash hit with women looking for a fun and slightly naughty night out in Sin City.

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