Score Las Vegas

Score Las Vegas is an interactive exhibition that lets you enter the stadium to become a legend in the Ultimate Sports Fan Attraction at The Luxor.



If you’re a sports fans, you’ll be in heaven when you visit Score! at The Luxor Las Vegas, an interactive exhibit that invites you to live the fantasy of becoming a legend while enjoying a dazzling display of memorabilia and meeting and greeting some of your favorite athletes.

Score! gives you a taste of the experience of becoming a pro athlete, as you walk through the stadium-like entrance and start your tour by finding an agent who will help you sign a mega-contract for a winning team and make endorsement deals that will rival those of Lebron James or Tiger Woods. You’ll feel the thrill of clutch athletic heroism as you enjoy this fully immersive sports experience.

The exhibit also features multiple halls of fame for various sports with the achievements of various legends from all of the popular pro sports on display, as well as rare memorabilia that you can’t see anywhere else and you won’t want to miss. A broadcast booth features live hosts chatting about the latest scores, and some of the most famous athletes in the world, including current superstars and immortal legends from the world of Football, Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, Golf, Tennis, and more, regularly drop in for signings and appearances. The exhibit also features a fully stocked merchandise shop where you can find headwear, apparel, and gear from all of your favorite teams.

If you’ve ever dreamed of stepping onto a field and becoming a legend like your favorite athletes from today and the past, then the exciting and interactive exhibition Score! at Luxor brings your dreams to thrilling life.

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