Samba Brazilian Steakhouse Las Vegas

Samba Brazilian Steakhouse Las Vegas is an all-you-can-eat Rodizio style restaurant serving unlimited fire-roasted meats to your tableside.


Samba Brazilian Steakhouse

Carnivores rejoice! You can eat as much meat as you want at Samba, the Brazilian Steakhouse offering an all you can eat Rodizio dining experience.

For those who have never experienced the magic of Rodizio dining, it’s an all you can eat Brazilian barbeque (or Churrasco) experience. Servers bring a variety of marinated and fire roasted meats on skewers straight to your table and serve you as much as you want until you’re stuffed. Rodizio specialties include Pork & Pineapple, Bacon wrapped Turkey, Portuguese Sausage, Picahna and Fraldinha Sirloins, and you can enjoy as much of each as you want at this all-you-can-eat dining bonanza. If that wasn’t enough, you can eat as many of the side dishes as your heart desires, including plantains, black beans, and rice, as well as Samba’s famous bottomless salad, which a server will toss for you at your table.

As if unlimited meats wasn’t an attractive enough reason to dine at Samba, the restaurant’s colorful atmosphere and energetic vibe, inspired by the culture of Brazil, compliment the experience. Enjoy a tropical cocktail to help wash down all of the unlimited meats and sides as you take in the fun, all-you-can-eat dining experience.

Samba Brazilian Steakhouse is a colorful dining experience in which you can enjoy a Rodizio style dining experience where all of the meats you can stuff yourself with are served right at your tableside. The food and the Brazilian music might make you want to get up and dance. Just tread lightly after you’ve wolfed down as many perfectly sliced cuts of marinated, fire-roasted, and skewered meats that you could possibly want.