Rock and Roll Comedy Show

The Rock and Roll Comedy Show at The Royal Resort is a value packed night of entertainment, delivering hilarious standup comedy and song parodies along with a healthy dose of heavy rock n roll.

Closed Show - Rock and Roll Comedy Show

Rock and Roll Comedy Show

This show has closed.

Laughs and music come together in The Rock ‘N’ Roll Comedy Show at The Royal Resort in Las Vegas, emceed by standup Rob Sherwood and his hilarious and hard rocking band The Thunder Nuggets. The comedy and music group is made up of expert comics Sherwood, Mat Black, Ian Stewart, and Nathan Stewart, who present a unique show that combines hilarious standup comedy, clever song parodies, and fist pumping live rock and roll music.

Rob Sherwood is a veteran standup comic who has played on stages all over the country and appearance on national television multiple times, and he’s completely professional host for the show, ensuring that the audience is always in stitches as he smoothly keeps everything moving at a brisk pace.

The Thunder Nuggets are more than a Flight of the Conchords-esque comedy music group… while they play plenty of hilarious song parodies, these guys truly love rock ‘n’ roll and get the opportunity to jam out and really play during the course of the evening. The Thunder Nuggets show at The Royal is a true mix of excellent music and side-splitting comedy.

You’ll be head-banging to the music when you aren’t doubled over laughing at the gut busting comedy in this electric and hilarious hybrid show, which you can experience at The Royal Resort in Las Vegas every Friday and Saturday night.

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