Rita Rudner Las Vegas

The Rita Rudner Las Vegas show is one of the cleanest comedy acts
in Sin City... but it doesn't sacrifice one bit of funny.
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Rita Rudner

Veteran comedienne Rita Rudner brings her sharp wit, understated style, keen observations and genius for one-liners to the stage at Harrah's Las Vegas. She has fit right in to The Sin City landscape, despite the fact that she keeps her act clean and doesn't feature any nudity, props or blue-men in her performances, proving that wit, intelligence and relatability always win out over gimmicks and flash... even in Las Vegas.

When she steps onstage, it's just her and a microphone, and her only concession to showbiz glitz is the sparkly gown she wears onstage... which just makes her show that much classier. In her famously soft-spoken delivery, Rudner kills with hilarious and true observations about the differences between men and women, marriage, kids, aging, botox and, of course, shopping (her favorite pastime). She also makes some sharp points about what it's like to live in Las Vegas, poking fun at trends that could only exist in Sin City like topless pool parties and themed resorts with gondolas that take you to The Gap.

Rudner has been a working comic for many years, and she's also a successful actress and best-selling author. But perhaps her culminating career accomplishment is that she's found so much success in Las Vegas without changing her clean (and family friendly) approach to comedy. In a City of Sin, filled with topless shows and comedians with the dirtiest mouths on the planet, the fact that she's founds success on the merits of her cleverly constructed one-liners and witty observations is a testament to her talent... and proof that you don't need props or edgy material to entertain people. You just need to be as whip-smart, sparklingly witty and engagingly relatable as the brilliant comedienne.

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rita rudner las vegas

Rita Rudner Las Vegas Show Info:

Location: CLOSED

Genre: Comedy

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