Red Skelton Las Vegas

Red Skelton Las Vegas show featuring the multitalented impressionist Brian Hoffman is a stunningly accurate tribute to Red Skelton.

Closed Show - Red Skelton

Red Skelton

Red Skelton is one of the most legendary comedians of all time, an endlessly talented and inventive performer who created some of the most memorable characters in entertainment history. Skelton’s career spanned from the 30’s to the 80’s, and started as a circus clown before becoming a runaway success on Vaudeville, the radio, television, film, or onstage at comedy clubs and casinos. Though Skelton passed away in the late 90’s, fans of the legendary performer can enjoy one of the best tributes to their hero in Remembering Red- A Tribute to Red Skelton at The Westin Casurina in Las Vegas.

Multitalented performer Brian Hoffman discovered Skelton when he was a young child and was a huge fan by the time his television went off the air when Hoffman was just ten years old. When audience members at one of his comedy performances compared him favorably to Skelton, he dedicated his career to paying light hearted homage to the iconic star, and he’s made a career out of his stunningly accurate impersonation.

You’ll swear you’re seeing the genuine article as Hoffman inhabits some of the Skelton’s most cherished characters, like the lovable redneck Clem Kadidlehopper, the Seagulls Gertrude and Heathcliffe, or the optimistic hobo Freddy the Freeloader. Hoffman also nails Skelton’s timing and delivery as he recreates some of his most famous (and, since he’s a fanatic whose seen most of Skelton’s archived performances, some of his more obscure) bits and jokes.

Hoffman’s Red Skelton Las Vegas show will transport you back to a time when comedy was more gentle, delivering the kind of family friendly guffaws that made Skelton a superstar for five decades. While many Vegas comedy shows rely on blue language and mature themes, Hoffman’s show is a warm hearted throwback to a more innocent time in entertainment, and he provides a perfect family friendly alternative to all the adult’s only shows playing in Sin City.

Red Skelton famously said that he wanted to be remembered as a clown, which he considered the height of his profession as an entertainer because “it means you can do everything- sing, dance, and above all, make people laugh.” Brian Hoffman proves himself to be a great clown fit to carry on his hero’s legacy in his Tribute to Red Skelton at The Westin Casurina.

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