Puppet Up

Puppet Up Uncensored at The Venetian Las Vegas is an adult’s only, wildly unpredictable, and hilarious puppet show from The Henson Company.

Closed Show - Puppet Up!

Puppet Up!

This show has closed.

The Jim Henson Company is a beloved institution, known for creating heartfelt, warm and fuzzy family-friendly entertainment like The Muppets, The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, and Fraggle Rock. Though Puppet Up! Uncensored was conceived and executed by them, the show is certainly not the type of the all ages entertainment associated with the company. Puppet Up Uncensored at The Venetian is an entirely different beast, an adult’s only, no holds barred puppet show featuring over sixty unique characters brilliantly and hilariously brought to life by Henson puppeteers.

Though legendary Muppet creator Jim Henson would go on to create some of the most beloved child friendly movies and television of all time, much of his initial work was aimed at more mature audiences (early Muppet sketches were featured in the first seasons of Saturday Night Live), and Puppet Up! Uncensored pays homage to Henson’s early, adult-oriented work. The show features a mix of innovative written sketches and musical numbers with improvised material that make every performance unique (every Puppet Up! performer has gone through intensive improv education in addition to their world-class puppeteer training). While the original characters in the show are as endearing as some of Henson’s iconic creations, these new puppets also get to let loose, swig stiff drinks, and chomp on cigars. Eye-popping technology fills out the show to create dazzling effects, but nothing can compare to the work of the talented puppeteers who bring the dozens of unforgettable characters to life onstage.

Critically acclaimed and seen by audiences all over the world, Puppet Up Las Vegas features tons of new material designed to fit in perfectly in Sin City. Fans who grew up on The Henson Company’s magical creations will get to see a fresh, unpredictable, more mature, and hilariously uncensored type of show that doesn’t lose any of the magic that has long been associated with the company. These puppets might not be as family-friendly as some of Henson’s universally beloved and iconic creations, but they’ll make you laugh just as hard as the originals did when you were a wide-eyed kid.

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