Phantom of the Opera Las Vegas

The Phantom of the Opera Las Vegas Spectacular gave one of the biggest musicals of all time a Sin City facelift.

Closed Show - Phantom of the Opera

Phantom of the Opera

This show has closed.

It took years for the biggest Broadway show of all time to make it to Vegas, but when Phantom The Las Vegas Spectacular finally opened at The Venetian, its mix of spectacle and bombastic Andrew Lloyd Webber tunes was a natural fit in Sin City.

The classic tale of romance, obsession, gothic horror, and really big chandeliers is given the full Vegas treatment in a fast paced and spectacular 95 minute version that the Las Vegas Review Journal rated the number one show in town. Even if you’ve seen the show before, you’ve haven’t seen anything until you’ve experienced Phantom Las Vegas style.

The Phantom of the Opera Vegas show was totally re-conceived for Sin City, with original Tony award winning director Harold Prince and choreographer Gillian Lynne returning to oversee the new, ramped-up version. The shortened, 95 minute Phantom Las Vegas runs without an intermission and dropped 45 minutes of material from the original production… but each cut was carefully chosen so nothing essential to the classic story was taken out.

The Sin City version boasts updated special effects, including cutting-edge pyrotechnics and strobe lighting, and a spectacular effect where the entire specially built Phantom Las Vegas theater transforms into a perfectly detailed recreation of The Opera Garnier in Paris during its 1880s renaissance (unlike in other versions, where only the stage transforms). Most impressively, the Chandelier, which crashes spectacularly as the center-piece of every Phantom performance, has been re-engineered so it can reassemble in mid-air to help the audience feel like they’re being transported back in time during the stirring overture.

Despite the tweaks, The Phantom of the Opera Vegas retains everything that made the show the most popular entertainment event in history, with its classic story of doomed romance and obsessive passion, amazing visuals, and the unforgettable music of Andrew Lloyd Webber. 45 minutes may have been cut from the original version, but with its tightened running time, updated special effects, and stunning custom built theater at The Venetian, Phantom The Las Vegas Spectacular doesn’t feel like a truncated version of a classic; instead, it somehow adds to the already legendary legacy of the most popular Broadway show of all time.

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