Party Comedy Show

Anthony Cools Presents… Party Comedy Show in The Cabo Wabo Cantina at Planet Hollywood is an improvised show where no two performances are ever the same.

Closed Show - Party Comedy Show

Party Comedy Show

This show has closed.

Party Comedy Show at Planet Hollywood’s Cabo Wabo Cantina is an unpredictable, off the cuff, and completely improvised night of laughs that’s like nothing else in Las Vegas. Anthony Cools, host of the long running comedy hypnosis show at Paris, is no stranger to unpredictable comedy shows that play different every night, so he was a natural fit to produce and present the hilarious improv show with a loose and fun party atmosphere where anything can happen.

The cast is made up of members of Jest Serendipity, the most successful improv troupe in Las Vegas that has had successful runs at The Palms, Plaza, and Alexis Park resorts, who invite audiences to control the content of every performance. An incredibly talented and quick witted ensemble of improvisers invites suggestions from the crowd and interacts with individual audience members, then builds mind-blowingly hilarious scenes out of thin air based on the unplanned and unscripted interactions. No two performances will ever be the same, even though the sketches that the troupe comes up with feel like they’ve been planned from the beginning.

Like the classic TV favorite Whose Line is it Anyway?, the improvised comedy show is an unpredictable and wild night of entertainment. That’s why The Cabo Wabo Cantina, with its South of the Border fiesta atmosphere and large selection of tequila infused drinks, is the perfect setting for this one of a kind night of laughs and fun.

Without a script or any plan to fall back on, Improv comedy is one of the hardest forms of performance imaginable. The fun, razor sharp, and multi-talented troupe of performers who star and create this unique comedy party at The Cabo Wabo on the fly make it look easy. No wonder Las Vegas entertainment veteran Anthony Cools decided to produce and put his name on the show… with its unscripted unpredictability and party time atmosphere, it’s a perfect fit for Sin City.

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