Panda Las Vegas

Panda Las Vegas at The Palazzo tells a historic tale through Kung Fu, dance, and acrobatics in a visually sumptuous theatrical experience.

Closed Show - Panda


This show has closed.

Crowds gather around to see Pandas in zoos and habitats all over the world, but only in Las Vegas can audiences witness a panda dance, swing from the rafters, and show off his Kung Fu skills. A mythic fairy tale that mixes Kung Fu, acrobatics, dance, state of the art technology, colorful costumes, and classical storytelling, Panda! at The Palazzo will sweep audiences of all ages along on an epic journey.

The show tells the story of LongLong, a heroic panda (played by an acrobatic actor in an fuzzy yet articulate bear suit) on a brave quest to rescue The Peacock Princess from the clutches of the evil Demon Vulture. During LongLong’s exciting journey, he meets The Immortal Old Man, who shares with him the wisdom and skills he’ll need to complete his daring rescue mission in a story inspired by Eastern folklore and ancient myths.

Colorfully costumed members of the gravity-defying China National Acrobatic Troupe, world-class dancers, and Kung Fu masters trained at the historic Shaolin Temple (where Kung Fu was born) play mythical creatures sent to test LongLong during his epic adventure as the plucky panda continuously proves himself in the face of seemingly impossible odds. Massive sets and a multilayered LED wall provide visually immersive backdrops.

A theatrical fairy tale that mixes Martial Arts, acrobatics, music, and dance to tell a tale of heroism featuring a plucky, fuzzy, and brave hero, Panda! will thrill audiences of all ages.

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