National Geographic Exhibit Vegas

National Geographic Exhibit Vegas at The Venetian celebrates the 50 greatest images published in the iconic magazine.

National Geographic Exhibit

National Geographic Exhibit


National Geographic has been sharing astoundingly vivid photography from all over the world since its first issue was published way back in 1888. Now the editors of the magazine have carefully selected the 50 most iconic, moving, beautiful, eye-opening, and important images from their 125 year history for a traveling exhibition currently on display at The Venetian in Las Vegas.

Photographs like Steve McCurry’s breathtaking “Afghan Girl,” the heartwarming snapshot of Jane Goodall bonding with a chimpanzee friend, and a beautiful and image of Mecca by Thomas Abercrombie are gorgeously displayed in large format frames in the resort’s classy gallery space, giving visitors the opportunity to study the nuances of each historic image. Along with the famous photographs themselves, many of the shots the photographer snapped before and after the final image was captured are also on view, and these “near frame” images give visitors an idea of what it takes to find that single perfect shot. Documentary films add historic, geographic, and cultural context to many of the photographs, and behind the scenes footage illustrates how the photographers got their amazing shots. Every picture tells a story, but this exhibit tells the stories behind every picture on display.

National Geographic has invited readers to travel around the world and through history without leaving their home for 125 years, and their exhibition now on display at The Venetian is a breathtaking and educational celebration of the 50 Greatest Photographs from their long and rich history.

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