Men the Experience

Men the Experience features a cast of the best looking guys in Las Vegas bringing female fantasies to steamy life onstage.

Men the Experience

Men the Experience

The sultry stars of the Crazy Girls adult revue at The Riviera have been bringing the fantasies of men to life for decades, but turnabout is fair play… now the stars of Men the Experience are taking the stage in the same venue and driving female audiences wild as they embody some of the most common female fantasies in a steamy, one of a kind show.

Some of the sexiest guys in Las Vegas take the stage and fulfill the roles of secret agent, military officer, firefighter, gangster, and cowboy. Each of the men playing the fantasy roles is dressed in elaborate costumes, but the crowd really goes wild when they rip off their shirts to reveal their mind-bogglingly athletic physiques.

The choreography for each set piece is precise and elaborate, and the show even features a tribute to the hit male stripper movie Magic Mike. Even though Magic Mike himself, Channing Tatum, doesn’t show up during the show, the cast gives the superstar a run for his money in terms of chiseled good looks and raw charisma as romance novel scenarios are played out on stage to the delight of the audience.

The audience is encouraged to participate and get some one on one time with the ridiculously good looking and ripped cast members. After the show, the cast sticks around for a meet and greet and photo session in which the appreciative members of the crowd are invited to cozy up to their favorite performer. This flirty show brings female fantasies to vivid life with elaborate sets, tear-away costumes, steamy choreography, and a cast of some of the best looking guys in Las Vegas. If you’re in town for a bachelorette party, a girls night out, or you are just looking for some wild fun in Sin City, then you’ll certainly want to experience the men of Men the Experience.

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