Matsuri in Las Vegas

Matsuri in Las Vegas, the Japanese Muscle Musical will blow you away

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Matsuri in Las Vegas is unlike any other show in town. The self described Japanese “Muscle Musical” earned raves from critics and audiences when it played in limited runs at both The Riviera and The Sahara. Now this totally unique spectacle has found a permanent Sin City home at The Imperial Palace, where it’s quickly become one of the most popular afternoon shows playing in Las Vegas for audiences of all ages.

Eighteen muscle bound athletes and acrobats round out the cast of the seventy minute show, where they perform a high energy mix of amazing stunts, feats of strength, choreographed dance routines, circus-inspired tricks, and amazing acrobatics, with a little comic relief thrown in for good measure. Matsuri Las Vegas is a completely visual show that features no dialogue, which is why this Japanese phenomenon has translated so successfully in its American run.

The show opens with with a bang, as the entire cast appears onstage together, performing a routine to a thumping dance beat which involves high jumps and precisely choreographed dance moves. After the opening, you will be introduced to the “panda and dove” team, a comedic duo who try throughout the show to replicate the stunts performed by the expert athletes… with increasingly hilarious results.

Some of those stunts, tricks, and show-stopping numbers include an incredibly high speed step dance routine, the Lion Dance, a Judo Tango, a “human jump-rope” routine, performers showing off their skills with giant hula-hoop style rings (including one that is almost as big as the stage itself), and “foot drums,” where the cast plays imaginary drums but are actually creating percussion from stomping the ground.

All of the amazing tricks and stunts performed during a Matsuri Las Vegas show are presented in a visually stunning setting, with staging that pays homage to traditional Japanese culture and costumes created by world renowned designer Junko Koshino, all of which will make you feel as if you’ve been transported halfway across the world.

Matsuri in Las Vegas is a visual feast featuring a high energy mix of stunts, feats of pure athleticism, dance and comedy, all presented without dialogue so that audiences of all ages from every part of the world can experience the human spectacle. The show is appropriate for all ages, so the entire family can enjoy it together, which makes Matsuri one of the most interesting afternoon shows playing in Las Vegas.

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