Matilda and Patrick

Matilda and Patrick Ja-Makin-Me-Laugh features vivacious Jamaican puppet Matilda and her human sidekick in a family-friendly show at The D Las Vegas.

Matilda and Patrick: Ja-Makin’-Me-Laugh

Matilda and Patrick: Ja-Makin’-Me-Laugh

Las Vegas visitors of all ages can now experience the side-splitting humor of “Jamaica’s #1 ceomedienne,” the sassy and energetic Matilda. There’s just one twist… Matilda is puppet operated by the master ventriloquist and Second City alum Patrick Murray. The hilarious duo have perfect chemistry in Matilda & Patrick- Ja-Makin’-Me Laugh at The D in Downtown Las Vegas.

Matilda and Patrick work as a classic comedy team, with Patrick playing straight man to the vivacious, animated, and laugh out loud hilarious Matilda, who keeps audiences rolling with laughter at her island-bred humor and sparkling wit. Her hilarious and silly jokes, delivered in a thick Jamaican accent, will keep adults and teens laughing while remaining appropriate for audiences of all ages.

The internationally successful comedy team have been wowing audiences all over the globe, headlining shows at Paradise Island in the Bahamas for two years and in Atlantic City for one year before settling in at their Las Vegas residency show. Their act delights audiences of all ages with humor that brings the good humor of the island paradise where Matilda hails from to the middle of the Nevada desert.

Matilda may be a puppet, but she truly becomes a fleshed out and hilarious comedienne through the seamless ventriloquism of her onstage banter partner, the incredibly talented Patrick Murray (whose lips you’ll never see move once, no matter how hard you look). Matilda & Patrick- Ja-Makin’-Me-Laugh at The D in Downtown Las Vegas is an amazing and funny, family friendly showcase for an internationally popular comedy team.

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