LGTBQ-Friendly Vegas Fun

Charli Phillips


Charli Phillips
Tix4Tonight Team

LGBTQ Friendly Vegas Fun!

Nevada has one of the largest gay populations in the country, so it’s no wonder that Las Vegas has so much for all members of the LGBTQ community.  If you are coming to Vegas here are a few things that may help you decide where to go.

There is an area not far from the strip (Paradise and Naples) that has 4 gay bars as well as a book store called Get Booked all within a block of each other, this area is known as “The Fruit Loop” by locals.

The Fruit Loop

  1. Piranah-8 1/2
  2. FreeZone
  3. The Locker Room
  4. The Quad
  5. Get Booked Bookstore

You will not find a ton of locals in this area. In fact, The Fruit Loop is definitely a touristy spot.

Read on to learn where the locals spend a lot of time.

L is for the Ladies…

While there are no “Lesbian” bars in Vegas, all of them allow women and are friendly. The Top 3 would have to be

  • The Phoenix
  • Flex Cocktail Lounge
  • FreeZone

FreeZone is conveniently located in “The Fruit Loop” and worth checking out if you want to stay closer to the strip.

The Phoenix has several happenings ranging from Trivia nights and Burlesque reviews to drag shows almost nightly.

Flex Cocktail Lounge is one of the only gay bars that has a lesbian bartender, and they have events nightly that Range from Movie Night Mondays, Dragaoke and drag shows a couple nights a week. Their Saturday Drag Show “The Queens of Las Vegas” is the longest running bar drag show in Vegas!

G is for the gay men…

Y’all have the run of the town! There are more that 10 gay bars in Vegas and all are geared toward you. If you enjoy country music, line dancing and drag go to CharliesLV or Badlands Saloon.

If you want a chill bar to just have drinks and shoot some pool check out The Garage or Fun Hogs.

Flair has more of a night club feel, and soon Hamburger Mary’s will be opening up!

But honestly, you will enjoy and be welcomed at any of the places mentioned in this article.

B is for the Bi-sexual and Bi-curious…

Y’all can go anywhere!

T is for Transgendered…

Vegas is very accepting of Trans. The Las Vegas Lounge is a bar geared toward the Transgender community and where you will likely find the most transgendered individuals.

While you can go to any of the bars, Flex and Phoenix also get a lot of the Trans community and are very accepting.

Q is for the Queer…

Some people prefer to not identify as a specific gender or sexual orientation. For you the bars you choose to go to will depend on the crowd you feel most comfortable with.

If you are just in town and coming to Vegas is the only time you feel comfortable to put on a wig, some nails and a dress, then there is not just 1 but 2 specialty shops in town that can transform you into who you want to be.

N2 The Looking Glass Salon and Boutique and Just You. Stephanie and Amy are the women that run these shops and they are very talented.

See a Show!

While all the shows on the strip are LGBTQ-friendly Vegas shows, there are a few that are a little more rainbow forward, including:

  • Divas
  • Aussie Heat
  • Zombie Burlesque

So whether you are trying to have a gay ol’ time on or off the strip, there are lots of LGTBQ-friendly places in Vegas to be you, have fun and be safe.