Vegas Nocturne

Vegas Nocturne is a spellbinding floor show mixing cabaret, music, comedy, acrobatics, and burlesque in The Cosmopolitan’s Rose.Rabbit.Lie. social club.

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Vegas Nocturne

Vegas Nocturne is the provocative entertainment centerpiece of Rose.Rabbit.Lie. at The Cosmopolitan. Described as a “grand social experiment,” Rose.Rabbit.Lie and it’s Vegas Nocturne live up to the buzz. The vibe is one of a social dinner club experience mixing old world ambiance with forward thinking style to bring something new to Las Vegas, blending the best elements of nightclubs, bars, restaurants, and ticketed shows.

A champagne tower built from 50 glasses, eye-catching artwork evoking the spirit of the Moulin Rouge in Paris, spectacular interior design inspired by fantastical nightclubs from classic Hollywood films, multiple themed rooms to explore, whimsical details like head shaped cups, an international menu of sharable small plate dishes from all over the world, fine caviar, signature cocktails served in bottles, a spiked punch bowl, and craft cocktails mixed for you tableside blend together to create a decadent atmosphere.

But what truly puts Rose.Rabbit.Lie. over the top and makes it unlike any other place in the world is the venue’s live entertainment experience, the steamy adult circus cabaret Vegas Nocturne.

Created by Spiegelworld, the deviant minds behind Caesars Palace’s blockbuster Absinthe, Vegas Nocturne includes elements fans of their other shows will recognize mixed in with completely new and mysterious surprises. The talented cast isn’t bound by a conventional stage, and they pop up throughout various parts of the Rose.Rabbit.Lie. venue throughout the course of the evening. The seductive and steamy show features performers getting up close and personal with the visitors as they perform cabaret, acrobatics, eccentric vaudeville-style comedy, burlesque, dance, live music, off the cuff audience interactions, and more to create an immersive, spontaneous, and truly interactive experience.

This adult’s only show features nudity and provocative material, so it’s a strictly 21 and over night of adult fun, and the naughty vibe adds to the unpredictable, anything goes atmosphere. Every night is broken into three different blocks for the floor show, with the acts evolving and changing as the evening grows later. After the late show ends, Rose.Rabbit.Lie. evolves into a nightclub with a DJ and giant dancefloor, but guests can still interact with some of the performers.

Rose.Rabbit.Lie. fits perfectly in to The Cosmpolitan’s vibe of catering to the young, hip, creative, and artsy crowd in search of unique experiences, and the spectacular, mysterious, and sensual Vegas Nocturne show is the centerpiece of this one of a kind nightlife venue.



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