Shades of Sinatra Las Vegas

Shades of Sinatra Las Vegas pays loving tribute to one of the most legendary entertainers of all time.

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Shades of Sinatra

Frank Sinatra and The Rat Pack are the entertainers who defined Las Vegas entertainment, so it’s no surprise that there are so many tribute shows dedicated to Ol’ Blue Eyes and his famous friends. Shades of Sinatra, at The Clarion Hotel and Casino, distinguishes itself as one of the best tributes to The Chairman of the Board in town because of the cast’s honest passion for the man and his music.

The show was conceived when a producer witnessed three golden-voiced singers, Carmine Mandia, Larry Liso, and Ryan Baker, passionately arguing over Sinatra trivia. Realizing their passion, sharp wit and amazing talent would create a great show, the producer put the three singers onstage together for the first version of the show. When knockout Lisa Smith joined the cast, it added an element of sensuality that rounds out the show.

None of the four singers portray Sinatra in the show… instead all three create their own onstage characters designed as homages to their musical hero. Onstage, the cast tells personal stories about how Sinatra inspired all of them, while riffing off each other the same way The Rat Pack did back in their heyday.

But the real draw is the classic music, and the four singers hit all the right notes as they go on a journey through the Sinatra songbook, performing over 30 hits in every show. The singers all sound great as they perform medleys of Sinatra songs, covering all the greatest hits and singing a few slightly more obscure tunes that will be new discoveries to anyone but the most obsessive fans.

The entire cast is truly passionate about the music of Ol’ Blue Eyes, and that passion is what makes Shades of Sinatra one of the best tributes to the legendarily iconic singer.



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